Nine Signs You Need Garbage Disposal Repair

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Garbage disposal replace

Garbage disposals are an integral part of almost every American home. They work hard behind the scenes, chewing up food scraps fed down the drain. Yet, people don’t seem to give much thought to these trusty appliances until they start acting up.  Like most things in your home, a garbage disposal may malfunction due to prolonged use or aging. Besides, the … Read More

Why Hire D Star Plumbing in Salt Lake City

DStarPlumbing in Salt Lake City

What company is the best choice for plumbing in Salt Lake City? There are so many options it can be difficult to know which to choose. Fortunately, we have your answer. Our family-owned and operated company is the choice for several reasons. Reasons to Choose Us for Plumbing in Salt Lake City 1. Affordable Everybody needs plumbing services from time … Read More