Benefits of Water Softeners in Salt Lake City Homes

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If you have owned a home in the Salt Lake City area for long, you are probably aware of how important water softeners are. But if you are new to homeownership – or you are new to the area and trying to figure out if you need a water softener – please read on. Here is a quick explanation of why water softeners in Salt Lake City homes are so vital.

Water Softeners in Salt Lake City – Benefits

1. Addresses high mineral content in your water.

The more minerals you have in your water, the harder it is considered. All homes in the Salt Lake City area have a hardness rating of at least 10 grains per gallon – which is a lot. Most of that hardness comes from calcium carbonate which the groundwater picks up on its way to your home. A water softener will either remove those minerals or dilute them to give you better water throughout your home.

2. Protects your appliances from hard water.

Hard water can be rough on your appliances. All those minerals can collect in the appliances and clog them. They can also wear out faster when they are operated using hard water. A water softener is actually quite affordable when you consider how much it will save you by protecting your expensive appliances.

3. Makes cleaning clothes and everything else easier.

When you wash your body, clothing, dishes, and other things in hard water, the results can be frustrating. Your clothes will be more difficult to get clean. Your body and hair will require more soap and shampoo to get clean. Hard water just makes cleaning more difficult all around – but you can easily address the problem with a water softener installation.

4. Lowers your energy costs.

Appliances can struggle more to operate with hard water, especially your hot water heater. Research indicates that a hot water heater may use up to 29% more energy than a water heater using soft water. That’s a big difference and a lot of money over the life of your water heater.

5. Clothing will last longer.

Washing your clothing in hard water will wear it out more quickly. The minerals in the hard water can also make your clothing fade faster.

Is it easy to get a water softener in Salt Lake City?

Yes! There are multiple different types of water softeners to choose from, and our team at D Star Plumbing can install all of them. We can also help you understand what your options are and which water softer would be the best fit for your needs.

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